SyStrata Design Partner SA Your Design partner at the heart of Europe!   

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SyStrata to join the Wavenis alliance!                                      SyStrata is an independent design house that has participated in the development and enhancements of the Wavenis stack and developed several devices using Wavenis ULP RFiD communication standard for third party customers of Coronis Systems. SyStrata is joining the newly established Wavenis Alliance created to promote the Wavenis standard worldwide and support existing and future customers who need Ultra low power medium and short range communication for their applications.

Developing AI for robotics for All!

Using an original and different approach to solve the main problems encountered in robotic: adaptability, learning and evolving according to changing environment is the challenge any robot or intelligent device needs to overcome in order to adapt itself to its everchanging environment. It is the only way a robotic system can really help and serve Humans.

Services we offer to  customers!

  • Drafting of technical specifications according to Customer requirements.
  • Conception and Design of hardware/applications software/firmware.
  • Electronical schematics design and PCB layout (leaded or SMD up to 24 Layers)
  • Mechanical design and conception (3D/2D modelisation).
  • Drafting technical documentation and production info pack (blue prints).
  • Prototyping, pre-production and production.